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Cell Phone EMF Shield – Wings of Peace


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These Cellphone Shields™ have been encoded and embedded with a broad field of over 230+ resonating frequencies that are Harmonious & Beneficial to the body. By transforming chaotic frequencies from electrical fields into beneficial frequencies, you are able to enjoy the convenience of wireless technology without bringing harm & chaos to yourself or to those around you. The Cellphone Shields™ can also be attached to your, iPod, hair dryer, and other small appliances that are emitting these dangerous fields of energy. Once attached, these shields do not effect the operation of the phone, blow dryer, or small appliances. By reformatting the micro/radio waves the shields energetically balance the body when carried next to it or used close to the brain!

Don’t lose it: If your phone or computer runs quite warm, you are likely to need a stronger adhesive to attach the EMF protector. Or if you change phones or computers, you will want to peel off your shield and apply it to your new one. We use any strong glue which can be purchased at our local stores to attach our shields. (You probably already have such in your home.) Better to have it stick than fall off and get lost.

Note: If you have a iPhone 6 or other large “phablet” size phone, it is recommended you utilize the laptop shields, as they are a bit larger, and can better handle the energy being emitted.


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Weight .6 oz
Dimensions 4 × 4.5 × .25 in


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