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Laptop/iPad/Microwave EMF Shield – Healing River


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Laptop/Technology EMF Shield

Maintain the integrity of your Ultra Slim Laptop/iPad wireless devices with “Slim Line” Laptop/Technology Shields™. These Slim and Sleek Shields will enhance & compliment the look of any laptop computer without compromising the effectiveness of our technology. Created from a non toxic plant based resin, using Nano Crystalline Technology, embedded and encoded with over 230+ resonant frequencies, the Laptop/Technology Shield™ transforms hazardous micro/radio fields into a powerful balancing field of energy around you! Attach these Shields to your Laptops, Routers, Microwaves, tablets and other wireless and electrical devices & appliances. These Shields are applied to your wireless devices by using a two-sided tape for easy & secure attachment. For additional benefit, apply these to water dispensers to encode and enhance your water!

Size: Approximately 1 1/2 inches in diameter

Don’t lose it: If your phone or computer runs quite warm, you are likely to need a stronger adhesive to attach the EMF protector. Or if you change phones or computers, you will want to peel off your shield and apply it to your new one. We use any strong glue which can be purchased at our local stores to attach our shields. (You probably already have such in your home.) Better to have it stick than fall off and get lost.


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